Concerning the aesthetic orientation of the centre, Our aesthetic project tends to create singularity, diversity and enrich theatrical field in Tunisia and is based on working with/on unusual aesthetic. We will try to make the centre a place for artistic meeting by opening to all arts, orienting to all people, attracting talents, and betting on the new generation of dramatists. We will try to create  theatrical traditions with a non-seasonable activity based on fine art seeking to establish excellence and the difference. We will focus on forming theatrical competences in all fields of theatre. We will aim excellent productions characterized by the difference and the cut with the prevailing. We will focus on edition, archiving and research. We will open to all competences by giving the opportunity to produce and excel. That will be done through: Production: to give the chance to all innovative projects aiming to a new theatre based on awareness. Training: organize workshops ….. Distribution: try to be in touch will all categories in order to create theatrical traditions. Innovation and continuous training based on: Theatrical lab: open to all creators (amateur and professional) to produce innovative shows and plays. Cinema workshop: create an audio-visual library, broadcast plays and produce digital materials. Theatrical council: research and discuss theatrical issues and edit them. First step: for children.
Live broadcasting


25 March
Gefla Tsir in Ariana