The CAD medenine will participate at the CTD with the play “or not to be” Directed by Anouar Chaafi, on 30 nov. at the Salle Rio at 16.30 and 19.30. “Or not to be”
Anwar Chaafi
Boukthir Douma
Amel Sgaier
Fadel boubaker
Mufteh Boukrai
Habib Gourabi
Supervision of stage
Malek Zouaydi
General Stage manager
Aymen Sriti
Farhat Debbech-Habib Ayari – Lotfi Najeh – Chaouki Ajili – Nadia Tlih -Abeb hdiri – Lessad Jhider – Asma ben hamza
Saber naggez
Wissam Seif Nasser
Stage manager
Sassi Messai
Direction of production
Jamel Chandoul

Dramatic structure:

The text is the combination of 4 plays of Shakespeare which are “Hamlet”, “Othello”, “King Lear” and “Romeo and Juliet”. We selected the most important scenes dramatically and tried to chain them in a smooth way based on an event, action or a picture which allows to meet in two ways: first level which allows us to follow the dramatic path of each play apart, and another level allowing us to unify this path into a unified structure. The text was written on scene starting from the repetitions and the aesthetic spirit of the reference which we opted for, so the dialogue was simple, the method poetic, the meaning symbolic and the rhythm quick. All of that was for the scenography type and technique.
Live broadcasting


8 November
Ghorba in Gabes