Les dates du spectacle prochainement:
in Medenine during the JTC in Medenine
in Tunis dduring the JTC
in Nabeul /Neapolis during the “Festival Neapolis du théâtre de l’enfant” 
in Mehdia/ Chebba in the space of “théâtre Chams Gabboudia”
in Gabes/Ouedref in the youth Hostel in Ouedref

A father leaves the farm for an important affair and recommends to his daughter Areej and his son Anis to preserve it, but his son Anis forgets the father’s will, despite the sister’s desire to apply it, and wastes the water at the well despite it being summer. After a period, the father comes back and gets angry and punishes Anis who undertakes a miraculous journey to free the queen from the clouds so that the rain falls.
Live broadcasting


9 August
RaiUno City at the festival of Carthage at Madarat