A tragicomic play with a chapter that tells us about a futile fight between a married couple whose events take place in a room that reveals to us a monotonous and meaningless life for a husband whose age is 90 who tends to isolation due to the feeling of a physiological, psychological and mental inability to keep up with the rhythm of life, which leads them to fall into the labyrinth of emptiness.
Actors: Lassad Jhidar / Nadia Tlich
Light: Saber Al-Naggaz
Sound: Wissem Saif Al-Nasr
Clothing: Jalila Medani
Make-up: Mohamed Addala
Scenography: Habib Gharabi
Stage manager: Ayman Sriti
Assistant: Abdel Salam Al Majdoub
Text and direction: Hamza Ben Aoun
Production of the Centre of Dramatic and Scenic Arts of Medenine August 2020.
Live broadcasting


8 November
Ghorba in Gabes